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Do I really need to practice online coding challenges? in the intro2codee Publication on

Broke Shopping and the Value of Free in the nature(human) Collection by

$100 spend in Google Ads and a priceless release from imposter syndrome in the theirhumanism Publication on

Major things I still don’t know in Chinese after studying for a year and why I keep trying in the theirhumanism Publication on

How meditating helps me cope with unfairness in the theirhumanism Publication on

“Rick and Morty” adventure in GraphQL queries in the intro2codee Publication on

The A in LAMP in the intro2codee Publication on

Expensive coding boot camps are everywhere. I went for free. in the intro2codee Publication on


Free prompts and exercises available to browse and download. Click VIEW to see them in your browser. Made by Cody.
Rich Captions and Subtitles
Intoo.Studio video poetry captions and subtitles
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Read a Poem Out Loud
Takeaways that inspired the form of Intoo.Studio video poems
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Translate into Spanish
Articles and sample exercise on "The Cello" by Susan Landgraf, translated into Spanish
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The 4 Past Tenses in English
Index of "Little Red Cap" by the Brothers Grimm with sample additions
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Submission Tracker Template
Track submissions and account for costs and deadlines in 1 spreadsheet
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Survey Invite

Survey provided by Americans for the Arts and hosted on Alchemer.

Impact of COVID-19 on Artists & Creative Workers

The DAWN Act

Published by Angel Idowu on January 7, 2021. WTTW News.

Defend Arts Workers Now - Legislation

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