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Video Poetry

"This video art is a culmination of writing practice and visual art. As a contemporary artist, I express the mindfulness that I have learned through spiritual healing. Like my daily meditation, my videos create solitude and reflection apart from the noisy demands of commodification. I document my neighborhood walks in Chicago by capturing nature and public spaces. This footage serves as the backdrop for the insight of my poetry."

Artist Bibliography

As a high school graduate, Cody Lake’s first exhibition experimented with hundreds of blending and permanent markers. In 2014, Cody displayed a set of portraits, 14” x 17”, done entirely in marker. They noticed how nervous their friends were about high school graduation and portrayed them as superhero subjects.

Today, Cody continues to directly explore emotion and interiority through texture, light, color, and perspective. Cody has experience in printmaking, photography, figure drawing, and magazine clipping collages. They are most intrigued by art therapy and using visuality to enhance therapeutic effects.

Former Poet Laureate Billy Collins inspired how Cody reads their poems. Their video art is a spiritual potluck of Collins’ format and Cody’s nature photography. The lakefront, flowerbeds, and a strange playground apparatus surround ideas of extinguishing, homelessness, and finding joy.

The visuality often smells like a different dish than Cody’s spoken word. Flavors contrast and textures clash. Cody likes their proverbial dinner plate packed with sides touching the main. It all ends up in the same place. Cody moves through mundane and profound topics with the same intent of acceptance. They surrender to their senses and find a feast. Chicago is Cody’s home and they are a hungry stranger.

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